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A Website For Children Hurting 
From Divorce
We Hurt Too 
Parent Resource Page 

This is a brief listing of sites on the web that we have found to be informative, but it is by no means comprehensive. We take no responsibility for their content.

Divorce-Related Sites:

AAML http://www.aaml.org
This is the national website for the nonprofit American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. You can read or reprint the booklet Stepping Back From Anger, which is a guide for divorcing parents, read the Children's Bill of Rights, order other publications, or find an family law specialist attorney through the site. This site has excellent information about the legal process of divorce as well. There are AAML chapters in Northern and in Southern California.

DivorceCareforKids  http://www.dc4k.org
This is non-profit organization for children of divorce and resources for parents.
DC4K is a special group to help your children heal from the pain caused by a separation or divorce. DC4K provides your children with a safe and neutral place to recognize and learn to share their feelings. For 13 weeks your children become involved in a fun, caring group at a church near you. The weekly session topics help your children learn that God’s love strengthens them and helps them turn their sadness to hope and their anger to joy.

Divorce ABC http://www.divorceABC.com
The website of the Children of Separation and Divorce agency has good reading for kids. Excerpts from COSD's books feature children telling about how they felt when their parents separated. From a book for parents, there are excerpts which provide advice on telling your child about divorce and how to decide if a child needs professional help.

Divorce Central http://www.divorcecentral.com
This site offers fairly extensive information about legal, financial, parenting and other aspects of divorce. It also offers a list of related books which can be reviewed or purchased from the site. The Expert Online area offers weekly in-depth explorations of specific topics by professionals; past appearances have been archived and can be read. The Total Parenting Handbook section of the site offers sound advice on parenting as a divorced parent.

Divorce Net http://www.divorcenet.com
This site offers daily and weekly Q&A sessions with legal and mental health professionals, as well as interactive bulletin boards/chat rooms. Resources are listed by state.

Divorce Online http://www.divorceonline.com
This web site provides numerous articles, some better than others, about the impact of divorce on children and parents. It also has a book review section, question/answer area (which includes legal, financial, psychological, and real-estate information), and a chat area.

Divorce Support http://www.divorcesupport.com
This site offers state-specific guidebooks, a large divorce-related bookstore, links to resources and message centers, and, for a fee, child support calculations for your state.

Split Up http://www.splitup.com
This site has information about the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce, including state-by-state information and professional directories. Visitors can participate in discussion groups, subscribe to their newsletter, or link to related sites.

Support for Fathers

Bay Area Male Involvement Network http://www.bamin.org
This is the web site for the Bay Area Male Involvement Network, which is dedicated to getting and keeping men involved with children. It describes local programs and events as well as providing links to several other father-related sites and articles.

Fathers http://www.fathers.com
This is the website of the National Center for Fathering, which aims "to inspire and equip men to be better fathers." They offer practical tips on various topics such as step-dads, single dads, disciplining teens, and more. There is also a mechanism for contacting other fathers for fathering support, or finding out about fathering research.

Fathers Are Parents Too http://www.fapt.org
This site, Fathers Are Parents Too, is a coalition of family members working to encourage both parents' participation in kids' lives. There are some financial and legal articles and links to other father-related sites. You can also subscribe to Fathering Magazine.

Fathers World http://www.fathersworld.com
This site has lots of good links to father-related research, policy and practice. Offers live chat area/discussion groups, tips for fathers on parenting, leisure, health and more, as well as a Q&A section on legal matters.

National Fathers Resource Center http://www.fathers4kids.org
This is the site for the National Fathers' Resource Center, which provides information about father-related issues, including divorce, step-parenting, parental alienation, and child support. The site offers lots of good links to other organizations, and also chat rooms

Support for Mothers

Moms Online http://www.womansdivorce.com
This site contains a variety of resources for woman who are experiencing seperation or divorce. You will find comprehensive information on the legal, financial, and emotional aspects, as well as articles for starting over.

Myria http://www.myria.com
This is an on-line magazine, Myria, for mothers. It addresses general parenting issues and features a Separation/Divorce Discussion Board and a small amount of information about step-parenting.

Single Mothers http://www.singlemothers.org
For over 16 years, the National Organization of Single Mothers has been dedicated to helping single moms by choice or chance meet the challenges of daily life with wisdom, wit, dignity, confidence and courage.

Support Group for Mothers http://www.supportgroupformothers.com
This site offers information about Berkeley- and Oakland-area groups for mothers, as well as links to classes around the Bay Area for a variety of parenting needs (e.g., breast feeding, CPR, sibling preparation, separation and divorce, support groups, and more.
Parenting Sites

Alternative Family Institute http://www.altfamily.org
Alternative Family Institute is a non-profit, community-based organization serving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) couples, families and their members in the San Francisco Bay Area. It offers counseling, education, support groups and research in the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Community as well as links to articles, books and events.

Children and Adults with ADHD http://www.chadd.org
This is the site for Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. It provides information about the organization, AD/HD, school discipline, and locating local chapters.

Connect For Kids http://www.connectforkids.org
This site offers a blend of original articles and links to related, research-based articles on other websites. There is nothing on divorce directly, but the sections on fathers, single parenting and race and ethnic diversity offer useful information and links.

Family Education, LNPC http://www.familyeducation.com/home
This site is part of the Learning Network Parent Channel and has multidisciplinary (education, medical and psychological professionals) expert information on how to help your child get the most out of his/her educational environment. You can brows by your child's age. This is not a divorce information site.

I Am Your Child http://www.iamyourchild.org
This organization (I Am Your Child) offers bilingual English/Spanish parenting information on raising young children along with a list of books, articles and resources. There is an "expert advice" section as well.

Our Family http://www.ourfamily.org
This Bay Area organization for gay and lesbian families offers regular family gatherings and support groups. The site has information about the organization as well as links to other sites specifically related to LGBT families an general parenting issues.

Parenthood http:// www.parenthoodweb.com
This broad site can be searched for information about a particular topic; it covers everything from marital advice to health issues. An extensive array of childhood health experts and articles are listed. There is also a live chat section.

Parenting Online http://www.parentingonline.org
Parents Encouraging Parents offers free parenting classes on the Internet. Different modules address different issues, from divorce/separation and stepparenting through discipline and adolescents.

Parents Leadership Institute http://www.parentleaders.org
The Parents Leadership Institute, a nonprofit agency, offers workshops, booklets, and audio-/videotapes for parents seeking to strengthen the parent-child relationship. Parents train other parents to improve their listening skills and connect with their children. Materials available in English and Spanish.

Parents Place http://www.parentsplace.com
Look under the Family section for a listing of topics including divorce, single parenting, bereavement, etc. Chats and message boards on specific topics are listed in this area. Parents can search for information on a particular issue and a list of previously answered questions will be listed. Therapists answer the questions. Many other health-related news articles are reprinted here.

Stepfamily-Single Parent Sites

Bonus Families http://www.bonusfamilies.com
Website for stepfamilies, renamed 'bonus families' to convey concept that each new member or the reorganized family is a bonus, a gift that enhances. Includes many articles including a 'bonus teen' section: articles by and for teens. Support groups and workshops.

CoMamas http://www.comamas.com
The CoMamas site is directed toward stepmothers and "original" mothers/ex-wives. They coined the term "stepwives" to describe the relationship between these two mother figures. They offer some tips for being co-parents, information about support servies, and a book about learning to be "co-mamas" instead of "stepwives".

Making Lemonade http://www.makinglemonade.com
A single parenting site. Offers links to other sites, chat rooms on specific topics, social-dating connections and book recommendations.

Parents Without Partners http://www.parentswithoutpartners.org
This site offers a limited amount of information about Parents Without Partners, a national organization offering a community for single parents. It does include some research and some single parenting tips, and directs readers to PWP chapters in their area.

Second Wives Club http://www.secondwivesclub.com
The site for the Second Wives club: articles that cover stepparenting, family law, marriage, divorce, co-parenting, dealing with the ex access. Also provides access to stories written by second wives, professional advice, tips, advice columns, newsletters, weekly contests, links, current news feeds, free email courses, interactive diaries, photo album, the step moms bill of rights, the "other mother" art galleries, private messaging, free email accounts, book reviews, polls, over 35 discussion boards, and offline social gatherings.

Step Ducks http://www. stepducks.net
Families come in all forms and realize many levels of change. Lives are impacted by these changes. Changes are often uncomfortable but with proper adjustments they can be beneficial. Stepducks offers a resource for people who seek information about family, education, and change.

Step Together http://www.steptogether.org
This web-based chapter of the Stepfamily Association of America offers chat rooms and well-organized message boards for peers to provide support and advice to one another. It also offers resources, related web-links and information about retreats.

Stepfamilies of America http://www.saafamilies.org
Stepfamilies of America is a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to successful stepfamily living. The site provides educational information and resources for anyone interested in stepfamilies and their issues. Membership is not required to use much of the site.

Stepfamily Foundation http://www.stepfamily.org
This is the site for the Stepfamily Foundation. If you click for "Free Information" it lists 10 steps for step-dads and step-moms, kids, young mothers, and grandparents (among others) to help form healthy stepfamilies. It offers online counseling, questions and answer areas, and other links.